QR code

QR code is the new generation of the currently deployed barcode on the goods, short for Quick Response. It is a special encoding to convert data into symbols, lines, squares in length and width, and there are three squares in its corners that are the coding parameters that connect to the data.

  • QR code can store a large amount of information that contains even characters, not just numbers, as in the barcode
  • QR code can be used for websites, personal data from phone numbers, images, and location.
  • It can be identified by a mobile camera as soon as it passes through a program.

What are QR code uses?

  • It can be used for websites.
  • Used to identify the type, image and price of goods in commercial markets.
  • Use as a business card or as a phone number simply passing the camera to which you are directly connected.
  • Site coordinates, image but must be of very small size, SMS message.

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